SAMAP Hand Grain Mill and Flaker

is a simple, robust and practical hand grain mill which produces the finest of flours, including all the gluten free flours. It is suitable for any dry and non-oily grain — from the smallest like millet to the largest like maize or beans.

Flour produced by the SAMAP Hand Grain Mill is suitable for breadmakers. On a different setting, it can be used to make oat flakes.

It is supplied as a kit and the assembly is straight forward.

Golden Fields has created an instructional video on how the SAMAP Hand Mill and Flaker is put together, and how to use it:

 Click for 6 minute instructional video

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H-SA SAMAP Hand Mill. For very fine flour and for flakes. 1 Dec 22, Available. Delivery charge is approximative. An accurate charge will be sent before final approval. $534.00 $464.35

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Base diameter: 28cm
Height: 35cm
Weight: 8.75kg
Guarantee: 5 years
Output: variable: 30 to 80g/minute
(about 60g/minute for fine flour for bread or 4 minutes per cup)
(about 1 minute per half cup (1 serving) of oat flakes)

Note that this output depends on:
  1. the fineness setting (gap between stones)
  2. the type of cereal grain (buckwheat is soft, wheat is tough)
  3. the adjustment of the feed into the milling chamber
  4. the speed of rotation (this depends on you, dear reader!)
  5. the moisture content of the grain. Less energy is required for dry grain (stored in a dry place or kept dry) than for grain with higher humidity content
Low moisture test: place a grain on a hard surface and try to cut it in half with a knife by pressing firmly. If the 2 halves jump away, then the moisture content is reasonably low.

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