Welcome to Golden Fields. Established in 1987, and based in clean, green New Zealand, Golden Fields is a coffee substitute manufacturer and importer of natural paints and oils, of grain mills, of sauerkraut pots and other products promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Below is a snapshot of our most popular products, please consult the menu on the left for a comprehensive listing.

•   Natural paints
•   Natural oils, stains & varnishes
•   Grinders
•   Juicers
•   Mincers
•   Hand stone grain mills
•   Electric stone grain mills
•   Grain humidity meter
Coffee Substitutes
•   Dandelion coffee
•   Other coffee substitutes
Fermentation Pots
•   Sauerkraut pots
•   Cabbage shredders
•   Herbal teas
•   Chestnut flour
•   Fenugreek

New Products

Pottery Sprouters

Sprouting is an easy way to add essential vitamins and enzymes to your diet. It takes very little space in the kitchen and allows you to grow some of your food without actually needing a garden.
Check them out here.

Peppermint tea(leaves)
Dandelion Leaves tea (25 tea bags in a packet)
Lemon Verbena (leaves)
Sage tea (cut leaves)
Chamomile (tea bags and loose flowers)

They all are our own fresh and fragrant production, and organically grown on our certified organic farm near Lincoln in Canterbury.

DandelionDandelion & BurdockChicoryRoasted MaltYannohFrench Coffee

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