Welcome to Golden Fields. Established in 1987, and based in clean, green New Zealand, Golden Fields is a coffee substitute manufacturer and importer of natural paints and oils, of grain mills, of sauerkraut pots and other products promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Below is a snapshot of our most popular products, please consult the menu on the left for a comprehensive listing.

•   Natural paints
•   Natural oils, stains & varnishes
•   Grinders
•   Juicers
•   Mincers
•   Hand stone grain mills
•   Electric stone grain mills
•   Grain humidity meter
Coffee Substitutes & Other
•   Dandelion coffee
•   Other coffee substitutes
•   Herbal teas
Fermentation Pots
•   Sauerkraut pots
•   Cabbage shredders
•   Chestnut flour
•   Fenugreek
•   Pottery Sprouter

Fermentation Fantasia

Come and see us in Christchurch on Sunday April 14 at the Fermentation Fantasia.

6 Litre barrel pot

The pots and accessories will be on dsiplay and sale.

DandelionDandelion & BurdockChicoryRoasted MaltYannohFrench Coffee

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